This only applies to physical, wired networks. The wireless network in the building is controlled by UW-IT; contact them regarding any wireless allocations.

Please make sure you first have all of the information below, and then send an email to help@ece. Static IPv6 addresses are also possible, though UW-IT’s switches don’t seem to support IPv6 very well.

  • What is the MAC address of the Ethernet interface? (use `ipconfig` or similar to determine this)
  • Which subnet it will go on? If unsure, check what IP address a system is currently assigned via DHCP (ECE has multiple different subnets).
  • The Computer Name (something like “” or “” only hopefully more interesting and not already taken by someone else; the nslookup tool can be used to see if a hostname is already taken).
  • What if any firewall holes will be required? No ports are opened to the Internet by default, though some ports (specifically TCP/22 and TCP/3389) are allowed from other UW systems. ECE Computing strongly encourages you stick with the default settings – for off-campus access, you can use the free Husky OnNet VPN.

The system will need to have its IP address assigned statically. Important network details will need to be filled in, which computing staff can help with.