Approximately 50 teaching assistantships are awarded every quarter to exceptional students. Students are eligible to receive an award anytime during their period of study; however, renewal of teaching assistantship status is not guaranteed. Applications for renewal will be considered with those of new students. Students who are not making satisfactory progress towards their degree may not be eligible for additional appointments.

Students who receive teaching assistantships will help instruct an undergraduate or graduate course within the ECE department. All new teaching assistants, international and domestic, will be required to attend the TA Conference on Teaching and Learning, coordinated by the Center for Teaching and Learning each fall.


University Resources

  • Teaching @ the UW – a gateway to teaching resources at the University of Washington. This is an excellent reference for TA’s at UW
  • CTL – Center for Teaching and Learning. CTL is dedicated to teaching at the UW. They conduct TA workshops, individual consultations, classroom observations, international TA training etc.
  • Office of Educational Assessment – provides a variety of evaluation and assessment services to UW (including the TA evaluation forms)
  • CELT – Center for Engineering Learning and Teaching.  CELT is the teaching resource center of the College of Engineering. They can help, among other things, on issues related to your classroom experiences
  • Learning & Scholarly Technologies – UW Information Technology provides the useful Catalyst web site consisting of tools and resources that can help integrate technology with education
  • FROG – Faculty Resource on Grading. A grading reference for graduate students who are course instructors
  • UW Counseling Center – offers counseling services to students

External Resources