Student Organizations

IEEE/HKN Student Branch
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers student organization.

College of Engineering Student Organizations and Clubs
Organizations and clubs open to all engineering majors.

Student Resources

EE Blog
Announcements of interest to EE students, including scholarships, jobs, internships, events, and other tidbits.

EE Stores
Lab kits and other electronic equipment for classes can be purchased at EE Stores in EEB 147 (next to the EEB 137 Lab).

Disability Accommodation for EE Exams

Disability Resources for Students
UW’s Disability Services Office’s Student Services section offers a variety of services for students with recognized disabilities.


UW Counseling Center
From help with study habits through stress reduction techniques to assistance with more serious issues as needed.

Feeling Overwhelmed?
Resources on campus for when you’re overwhelmed by school or life.

Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment
Assistance with general education courses, including writing, science and math.

Odegaard Writing and Research Center
Additional assistance with writing and research

Engineering Internship Program
Practical experience in industry and course credit.