Submitting a travel reimbursement request? Please review our Travel Guidance page.

Required materials

  • Itemized receipts in PDF format 
  • Approval from PI

Food and beverage reimbursements

In addition to the materials listed above, the following are also required:

Policy considerations:

  • Alcohol reimbursements require a discretionary 64-xxxx budget. If you have a discretionary budget and are seeking reimbursement for alcohol purchases, please provide this 64- budget number in your reimbursement request. 
  • Unless the excess is placed on a discretionary budget, food reimbursement may not exceed the per diem limit for the meal (including taxes, gratuity, catering fees, etc.).
  • If your event is recurring (e.g. refreshments for lab meetings), you may submit a blanket food approval form with “event will be recurring” box checked. This form must be renewed annually.


  • Log into UW Connect with your UW NetID and searching for “non travel reimbursement request”
  • Once the UW Connect form has been submitted, it will route to the Engineering Shared Environment for processing
  • Please reach out to your PI or Grant Manager for UW Worktag information. The ESE does not provide worktag information.


  • Speak with your faculty adviser before seeking reimbursement and enter their name on the request form under “faculty sponsor”.  Obtain budget information from PI or from Grants Manager that supports your PI.


  • Please email