Employment Resources and Links

Career Center @ Engineering
The CC@E is a branch of the UW Career Center to assist students in our 10 Engineering departments with a full suite of services. Its programming includes: counseling, exploring careers and seeking positions, guidance in establishing an experience portfolio and resume, networking opportunities, and skill development through a variety of workshops and events. The CC@E also houses the Engineering Internship Program, allowing students and employers to connect for real-world experience prior to graduation.

HKN/IEEE Casino Night
Our student-run society HKN/IEEE hosts the popular Casino Night every January — an opportunity to socialize with other students, faculty and employers in a lively yet casual atmosphere. Details about Casino Night become available in autumn quarter.

EE Resume Book
We encourage all students to upload resumes to our EE Resume Book, as this is a primary source of information for companies looking to recruit EE students.

University of Washington Career Center
The Career Center provides resume and cover letter review as well as workshops to assist student job seekers.

Electrical Engineering Jobs Database

EE Blog
Includes part-time and full-time, on and off campus jobs and internships.

UW Academic Employment
Jobs posted by UW departments

IEEE Spectrum

Resume Template
A sample resume template courtesy of Jim Peckol.

Engineering Recruiting Calendar