Course projections are tentative and subject to change. Winter, Spring, and Summer 2025 projections for 400-level courses are particularly subject to change.

Course Area AUT 2024 WIN 2025 SPR 2025 Topic
201 CORE Chen Chen Burden HW Skills
205 CORE Reynolds Intro EE for CSE
215 CORE Hameed Chen Bohringer Fundamentals of EE
233 CORE Hannaford Hameed Bushnell Circuit theory
241 CORE Hussein Hussein Hussein Python for Signal Processing
242 CORE Kutz Hameed Makhsous Signal Processing 1
271 EMB 2 offerings: Hauck, Hameed Hauck Hussein Digital circuits and systems
280 CORE Chen Majumdar TBD Exploring Devices
299 CORE Introductory topics in EE
321 CORE Discrete Math
331 DEV Dunham TBD Chen Devices and circuits I
332 VLSI Moazeni Rudell Devices and circuits II
342 SIP Atlas Bushnell TBD Signal Processing 2
351 ENER Kirschen Energy systems
361 EM Majumdar Lin Applied electromagnetics
371 EMB Hussein Hussein CSE Design of digital circuits and systems
391 EMB Probability
393A CORE Mamishev Mamishev Mamishev Advanced technical communications
394 CORE Entrepreneurship and commercialization
397 CORE Burden Sex, Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in Engineering
398 CORE TBD TBD TBD Professional issues
399 CORE Makhsous Special topics: Intro to Robotics
400 CORE Advanced topics
400Q DEV TENTATIVE Advanced topics: Intro to Quantum Hardware
406 CORE Teaching electrical engineering
416 COMM Ritcey Random signals for communications and signal processing
417/506 COMM Gadre Modern wireless communications
418 COMM Poovendran Network security and cryptography
419 COMM Gadre Introduction to computer communication networks
420 COMM Communication capstone
421/521 DEV Anantram Quantum mechanics
423/523 BIO Seelig Intro to Synbio
424/524 BIO Marchand (ChemE) Advanced Synbio
425 BIO Synbio lab
433 DEV Naghavi Analog circuit design
437/538 VLSI Moazeni Integrated systems capstone
440 SIP Introduction to digital imaging systems
442 SIP Hwang Digital signals and filtering
443 SIP Hwang ML for Signal Processing
445 SCR Ratliff Optimization
447 SCR Ingraham Hannaford Control System Analysis I (4)
451/551 ENER Lukuyu Renewable energy
452/532 ENER Choi Power electronics 1
454 ENER Lukuyu Power system analysis
455 ENER Kirschen Power system dynamics and protection
456 ENER Zhang Power system capstone
457 ENER Distribution systems
458/533 ENER Choi Power Electronics 2: Control
460/560 BIO Herron Neural engr lecture
461/561 BIO Ingraham Neural engr capstone
462/572 EM Microwave engineering
463 EM Microwave electronics
464/574 EM Naghavi Antennas
465 COMM Network and Web Security
466/564 BIO Orsborn Neural engr lab
469 EMB Hauck CSE Hameed Computer architecture I
470 EMB CSE Computer architecture II
473/538 VLSI Rudell Rudell Linear integrated circuits
474 EMB CSE Makhsous Hussein Introduction to embedded systems
475/542 EMB CSE Hussein Patel Embedded systems capstone
476 VLSI Ang Digital integrated circuits
477/525 VLSI Taylor VLSI II
478/526 VLSI Ang VLSI capstone
482/539 DEV Anantram Semiconductor devices
484 DEV Li(Tentative) Sensors and sensor systems
486 DEV Dunham Fundamentals of integrated circuits
487/587 DEV Lin
487/587 DEV Lin Advance Photonics
492 CORE Klavins Leadership seminar
496 CORE Arabshahi Entrepreneurial system design
497/598 CORE Arabshahi Entrepreneurial capstone
498/598 CORE Arabshahi Entrepreneurial capstone
500 CORE Li Li Li Dept. Colloquium
500E ENER Kirschen* Graduate seminar
500Q DEV Fu Quantum Seminar
501 CORE Academic writing
503 DEV Modeling of MEMS
504 DEV Bohringer Introduction to MEMS
505 COMM Roy Probability and random processes
508 COMM Ritcey Stochastic processes in engineering
510 SCR TBD Mathematical Foundations of Systems Theory (4)
511 SIP Bilmes Introduction to statistical learning
512 SIP Bilmes Graphical models in pattern recognition
513 SCR
514 SIP Information theory I
515 SIP Information theory II
516 SIP Computer speech processing
517 SIP Continuous space language processing
518 SIP Digital signal processing
519 SIP Stochastic analysis of data from physical systems
520 SIP Spectral analysis of time series
522 DEV Mouradian Quantum Information Practicum
527 DEV Li Microfabrication
528 DEV Trivedi Quantum Optics
529 DEV Semiconductor Optoelectronics
530 SIP Wavelets
531 DEV Semiconductor Devices & Simulation
533 DEV Photodetectors
535 DEV
536 VLSI Naghavi Design of Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems
537 VLSI Computation methods for circuit analysis and simulation
538A VLSI Special topics in circuit design
538B VLSI Moazeni Special topics in circuit design (“Electronic-Photonic Integrated Systems”)
539A DEV Eley Dunham Majumdar Special topics in devices
539B DEV Trivedi
539C DEV Special topics in devices
543 SCR Hannaford Models of Robot Manipulation (4)
546A SCR Ingraham Ratliff Advanced Topics in Control System Theory
546B SCR Advanced Topics in Control System Theory
546C SCR Fazel Advanced Topics in Control System Theory
547 SCR Burden Linear Systems Theory (4)
548 SCR Linear Multivariable Control (3)
549 SCR Estimation and Systems Identification (3)
550 SCR TBD Nonlinear Optimal Control (3)
552 ENER Zhang Power system dynamics and control
553 ENER Power system economics
550 SCR TBD Nonlinear Optimal Control (3)
554 ENER Zhang Large electric energy systems analysis
558 ENER Substation and distribution automation
559 ENER Choi Special topics in electrical energy systems
559 ENER Lukuyu Special topics in electrical energy systems
562 SIP AI for engineers
563 SIP Bilmes Submodular optimization
565 COMM Gadre Computer communication networks I
568 SIP Digital image processing
569 BIO Moritz Advanced Neurotech
570 SCR Manifolds and Geometry for Systems and Control (3)
575 EM Reynolds Radar remote sensing
576 SIP Computer vision
577 SIP Shapiro Special topics in computer vision
578 SCR Fazel Convex Optimization (4)
579 EM Advanced topics in electromagnetics, optics and acoustics
580 SCR Geometric Methods for Non-Linear Control Systems (3)
581 SCR Digital Control System Design (4)
582 SCR Introduction to Discrete Event Systems (3)
583 SCR TBD Nonlinear Control Systems (3)
585 SCR System Identification and Adaptive Control (3)
586 SIP Digital video coding systems
589 DEV Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensor Networks
593 SCR Feedforward Control (3)
594 SCR Robust Control (3)
595 COMM Advanced topics in communication theory
596 SIP Advanced topics in signal and image processing
597 SCR Networked Dynamics Systems (3)
598A CORE Advanced topics in electrical engineering