2022-23 Course Offerings

Autumn 2022

Winter 2023

  • Advanced Introduction to Machine Learning (Mohan)
  • Machine Learning for Cyber Security (Poovendran)
  • Embedded and Real Time Systems (Sloss)
  • Applied EM: How the Force of Maxwell’s Equations Drives Circuit Theory
    and the Rest of Life (Goldstein)
  • GPU-Accelerated Interactive Scientific Visualization Techniques
    (SciVis) (Reinhardt)
  • Natural Language Processing (Bhagavatula)
  • Model-based Representations for Systems Engineering (Kimberly)
  • Software Engineering for Embedded Applications (Makhsous)
  • Analog Circuits for Sensor Systems (Hameed)

Spring 2023 (tentative)

  • Deep Learning for Embedded Real Time Intelligence (Shi)
  • Data Science for Energy Systems (Zhang)
  • Advanced GPU Computing and Visualization (Reinhardt)
  • Microfabrication (Li)
  • Neural Systems Integration (Herron)
  • Antennas (Garman)
  • Mobile Applications for Sensing and Control (Makhsous)
  • and more!

2021-22 Course Offerings

Autumn 2021

Winter 2022

Spring 2022 

Summer 2022 

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Autumn 2020

Winter 2021

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

2019-20 Course Offerings 

Autumn 2019

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Students may also participate in the ENGINE Capstone Program. Detailed course description available here.

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