This document provides a basic guideline regarding what support is offered by ECE Computing to faculty, staff, and official visitors.

Support offered to permanent faculty and staff

The department provides the following support to UWECE faculty and staff for UW owned and IT Computing Group registered hardware:

  • Desktop/Laptop computer and monitor
  • Licensed software
  • Printers
  • Windows and Unix Operating Systems
  • Faculty laptops (Software support & Limited Hardware support):
    • Only department owned laptops for teaching will be supported
    • One laptop per faculty will be supported (registered with IT Computing Group)
    • Operating Systems supported: Windows 10 Enterprise and Unix
    • Only licensed software that the IT Computing Group distributes for laptops will be supported
    • Faculty is responsible for all data backups

Support offered to departmental visitors

The department provides the following to official department visitors:

  • All available licensed or donated software on ECE Department provided hardware

The PI or lab sponsoring the visitor is responsible for providing:

  • Computer and monitor
  • Ongoing computer support

If the visitor will need access to ECE computing resources, they must first obtain a UW NetID. Information on obtaining a NetID can be found on UW’s “Accounts and Passwords” page. Once the visitor has a NetID, their sponsor can add it to the appropriate group.