Computing Support


October 4, 2022

Changing Your Login Shell

The default shell environment in our Linux Lab uses bash. However some software used by our students may require a different shell, such as tcsh.

May 11, 2022

Custom Configuration – Modern gcc

For various reasons, the Linux Lab machines need to stay on CentOS 7. However some software may require a more up-to-date compiler than that distro provides.

Custom Configuration – Python Modules and Builds

Students do not have root permission on Linux Lab machines. So if students need to install additional software, they need to do it under their own home directories (which has the advantage of “install once, run on any Lab node”).

About the ECE Linux Lab

The ECE Linux Lab is intended for academic (course-related) use only, and is accessible to all students currently enrolled in at least one ECE course. The current Linux Lab workstations were funded by the Student Technology Fee.

About Linux VNC Sessions

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) allows graphical programs to be run remotely with the ability to reconnect to that session should the network connection fail. The ECE Linux Lab systems have VNC software installed.