Computing Support


May 11, 2022

About Search Engines and “Spiders”

• How do I prevent search engines from listing my pages? • How can I make sure the search engines include my pages?

Controlling Access to Web Pages

The Web, by default, is pretty much wide open. If you put a page on the Web then anyone who can get the URL (Web address) can usually see it. Since this isn’t always what you want, Web servers have methods for controlling access to Web content – but you have to know how these…

Setting Up Class Web Pages

Typically, instructors are expected to put their class pages and materials on Canvas. Access to Canvas is set up automatically when an instructor is assigned a course by ECE’s Advising group. Email for more information.

Website Hosting Options for Groups, Labs, and Individuals

There are a number of ways groups, labs, and individuals associated with the ECE department can set up a website. Below are the options ECE supports internally, plus some other options offered by the University. There are, of course, a multitude of additional options available elsewhere… albeit usually for a fee.