Computing Support


November 17, 2022

Installing additional software in the Linux Lab

Since the primary purpose of the Linux Lab is to support student work in specific courses, any software installed on those machines needs to be tested to make sure its requirements align with the main packages we use from Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Synopsis, etc. As such, students do not have the ability to install software…

May 11, 2022

About the ECE Linux Lab

The ECE Linux Lab is intended for academic (course-related) use only, and is accessible to all students currently enrolled in at least one ECE course. The current Linux Lab workstations were funded by the Student Technology Fee.

Computing Lab Locations

ECE’s Computing Labs are located in either the ECE Building or in Sieg Hall. You must have a an ECE-affiliated UW NetID to log onto these computers. Also, since the labs are locked, be sure to bring your student card with you – the doors have magnetic card readers that only allows access by ECE…

About Linux VNC Sessions

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) allows graphical programs to be run remotely with the ability to reconnect to that session should the network connection fail. The ECE Linux Lab systems have VNC software installed.