Who do I contact in an emergency regarding ECE computing services?

During weekdays, problems can be reported by coming to rooms 307G, 307F or 307E and talking directly with us. You can also report problems by writing to the ECE Computing Helpdesk at any time.

On weekends you can reach the on-duty system administrator by writing to the ECE Computing Helpdesk. Flooding or fires should also be reported to emergency crews at 911 (9-911 if you’re on campus).

Server Room Cooling Issues ( Rooms 311 ECE, B011A ECD, 125 Sieg)

Weekdays: Come report it to us in rooms 307G, 307F or 307E. If no one is in any of these rooms, contact the Facilities manager at 206-221-6813 (1-6813 on campus).

On weekday evenings and nights: Call the Physical Plant Emergency Line at 206-685-1411 (5-1411 on campus). You can page us regarding cooling issues, but it’s likely we’ll in turn be calling Physical Plant.

On Weekends: Call UW Police at 206-543-9331 (3-9331 on campus) and ask them to report the information to the Physical Plant weekend on-call crew. Be sure they understand it is an emergency!