The department has a number of mailing lists and email addresses which are used to quickly and easily send information to large groups of people. This page spells out some basic guidelines regarding the proper etiquette when you are participating on one or more of these lists.

– When posting a message to one of these lists, your best guide is common sense. Most of the aliases are targeted for a particular reason or to a particular group of ECE people – is your message related to that list’s purpose? If you’re not sure, don’t send it to the list.

– If your message is only of interest to a handful of people, consider sending it directly to those people instead of using an official list.

– When posting, always try to use a language and tone that you would not mind seeing if a complete stranger sent a message to you. If angry, let yourself calm down before responding to a message (this is a good policy for email in general!).

– Please do not post commercial email to any ECE mailing list.

– If you feel someone is misusing one of the ECE lists, please do not write inflammatory messages to that person or to the list. Instead, send a message to the EE helpdesk.

Thank you!