This document explains how to securely transfer files between your computer and an ECE server – in this case, a web server. The examples use the free program WinSCP. Mac OS X users can use Fugu or FileZilla (both are free) to accomplish this.

1. Select WinSCP from the “All Programs” menu.

2. Log into the remote computer ( in this case) using your EE username and password. The default settings should be okay – you can check against the image below for comparison.

3. If you haven’t run WinSCP on this particular computer before, you may get a warning that the “server’s host key” wasn’t found, and asking if you want to add the new host key. Click “Yes”.

4. By default the program will initially show your network home directory (your “H drive”), but you need to get to the web server’s files. First click on the “root” folder at the upper left; then scroll down and find “www”.

5. The folder layout should mimic your page’s URL. In this case, we’re going to the Spring 2011 class directory for EE 215 – /www/class/215/2011spr.

6. To move files to the server, or copy them from the server to your computer, simply drag them to/from the WinSCP window.