Wi-Fi service is managed by UW-IT. The information below only pertains to theĀ  wired network found in the ECE building and in parts of Sieg Hall.

General Domain Info

Normally you don’t need to know these numbers. Our wired subnets use SLAAC for IPv6, or DHCP for legacy IPv4, so your computer can obtain these automatically. If you are trying to configure your TCP/IP settings, select “Obtain an IP address automatically”.

IPv4 IPv6
DNS Servers
ECE Primary

ECE Secondary
Netmask /64
Gateway .100 address on subnet (see below) ::1 fe80 address on subnet (see below)


The subnet will vary by location; ECE has several different subnets assigned to it, and even more for the campus-managed wireless networks. Use the ipconfig /all command on Windows or ifconfig -a command on Unix or Mac OS X systems to show the network settings for a client system. Clients that use DHCP or SLAAC will not need to configure these settings.

Subnet IPv4 Gateway IPv6 Gateway fe80::4000:200:71:1 fe80::4000:200:72:1 fe80::4000:200:73:1 fe80::4000:200:74:1 fe80::4000:200:75:1 fe80::4000:200:76:1 fe80::4000:200:77:1 fe80::4000:200:78:1 fe80::4000:200:79:1

The IPv6 gateway may need the interface name assigned to it, for example on Linux via fe80::4000:200:71:1%eth0.