This document lists the limitations placed on use of software the UW Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering is licensing. Limitations specific to use in research are in bold.


From Cadence’s University Software Program Policies:

The Cadence Americas University Program was established to provide commercial-grade EDA software to accredited, degree-granting colleges and universities for non-commercial, not-for-profit educational purposes. Academic research using Cadence software via the University Program must be limited to research in pursuit of a degree (e.g., thesis research). Cadence reserves the right to qualify academic research for applicability under this program.

UW Electrical & Computer Engineering’s Cadence Attestation page (Required by Policy 14)

Empro (Agilent Keysight)

According to the faculty (email, April 2015), the license is for non-commercial use:

  • available to faculty, staff, students
  • may be used for instruction
  • may be used for noncommercial research, e.g.
    • project funded by NSF: okay
    • project funded by Boeing: NOT OKAY


MATLAB is licensed on terms detailed on the UW-IT webpage:

“The TAH license may be used for the purpose of (i) in the case of employees (faculty and academic staff), performing software administration, teaching, and noncommercial, academic research in their ordinary course as UW employees; and (ii) in the case of enrolled students, meeting classroom requirements of courses and study offered by the UW. Work done funded under a grant would usually be considered academic in nature, while work funded by a contract is likely commercial and, therefore, not covered under the TAH license. Any other use is expressly prohibited.”

Mentor Graphics

From Mentor Graphics’ Criteria for Membership in Mentor Graphics Higher Education Licensing Program:

The software is to be used in the classroom or graduate research projects only. These research projects are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by Mentor Graphics’ Higher Education Program Director.