The default shell environment in our Linux Lab uses bash. However some software used by our students may require a different shell, such as tcsh.

You can, of course, just switch to another shell as needed by using one of the following commands:

$ /bin/tcsh
$ exec /bin/tcsh -l # preferred; and that's a lowercase "L"

However some people prefer to work in a shell other than bash by default.

At present, it’s technically not possible to change your default shell away from bash on ECE systems. Practically speaking, however, you can accomplish the same thing by adding the following lines at the very top of the file .bash_profile that’s in your home directory (you’ll need to create the file if it doesn’t already exist):

PREFERRED_SHELL=`which tcsh`
if [ $PREFERRED_SHELL != "" ] ; then
echo "$PREFERRED_SHELL found - switching..."
echo "Did not find $PREFERRED_SHELL - falling back to bash..."

Copy everything *exactly* as shown above (even the spacing) into your .bash_profile file.

In the first line you can change “tcsh” to any valid shell, such as “zsh” – but be careful not to add any spaces around the equals sign if you do that.